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Her Hope Haven is a comedy-drama about a group of women working the steps toward their sobriety. Set in a women’s inpatient recovery center in Charleston, WV, Her Hope Haven is a place where women are given a chance to get their kids back, their dignity back, stay out of jail, and stay alive.

Their stories are more complex than only their addiction. Against the odds of societal expectations and the money-making business of recovery, the women seek redemption through small stories of levity, euphoria, and heartbreak. The women persevere through working together, and at times against one another, to keep their sobriety as they build bonds with one another during the hardest time of their lives. It's not about the addiction, it’s about the recovery.

her hope haven is dedicated to Ashley Ellis

This project was created in close collaboration with Ashley Ellis, as it is based on her life stories. Ashley shared her story in hopes she could help those who also struggle with substance use disorder to see that they are not alone. She helped to create, write, cast, act, and advise on all elements of making the project. This project would not exist without Ashley and I am forever thankful to her and grateful for knowing her.
Please consider making a donation to The Healing Place in Louisville, KY in honor of Ashley Ellis.
WVPB 6.16.21
WV Public Broadcast: “Her Hope Haven” Casts West Virginia Women In Recovery For Locally Produced Pilot
Gazette 3.24.22
Charleston Gazette Mail: “Her Hope Haven" Pilot gets debut.
WVPR 4.7.22
WV Public Broadcast: Even After Death, Stories Of Recovery Can Give Hope

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Her Hope Haven is a comedy-drama series about a group of women working the steps toward their sobriety. The pilot episode debuted Saturday, March 28. More episodes are upcoming.